I strongly believe there is hope for Nigerians in all reunification, there are things God almighty embedded in Nigerian the most populous west African black nation that the world is yet to know, moving round african i have seen the intelligency, smartness, cameness and aticlelated outspoken of them in all endevors with the happening round the country since independent 1st October 1960 so many conflicts, yet all these challenges could not separate them, it brings about interest of so many forces around the world, the business world, the religious world, and all these things continue to happen, each event continue to expose and disgrace Nigerian enemies as it unfolds itself, God almighty have a special interest in Nigeria, so many Nigeria believe that there are evil agender to Islamized Nigeria by some groups who believe in the ideology of the radicalize Muslim, the agitation of the Easthan group call Biafra and west call Odudua for separation due to the marginalization, born to rule, colonization plan of the Fulanis, the religious sentiment, opening doors for terrorism in the northern part of the country, with all these thing happening every day separation could not hold, in the face of all this stuggle i see hope for Nigerians in coming days ahead, is preparing them to filter out the evil one’s amonge them, yes presently we all believe that Nigeria has not gotten that leader they crave for, in no time God almight will bring leader that will sterbalize nigeria, it is part of God agender for Nigeria, what i can see now is just a challenges nigerian is passing through, it will suprise the whole world how God will turn around things in Nigeria, no one will be able to explained when it happen

The up and down, struggle and the believe of Nigerians



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